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Church in Chicago

 Father's House Church            

From Pastor Tom

CONGO Kinshasa 2022

Congo was an amazing experience where we saw Jesus work in His supernatural grace.

Before leaving to Congo, The Lored gave Thomas seven messages for Congo, but he was only invited to preach once.

After arriving, six more invitations came to preach, and the picture shown was the seventh church where the seventh message was preached!

The African and American

Travel and Lifestyle Video Vlog with

Thomas and Mushiya!




Father's House Church is OPEN
2819 W. 71st Street, Chicago IL USA
Every Sunday at 11am - Worship Service


Vital Word concerning Continuing to abide in Jesus, and He in you! 12/06/2020

When the LORD gave this Word over facebook in August of 2019, I had no idea that He was speaking of the shaking that would come during the time of the Coronavirus! As I was posting a scripture to facebook, I felt strongly the Spirit of the LORD bringing a Word, so I wrote and published the following prophecy, and in April of 2020, the Lord told me to look up the Word I published back in August. I was surprised that it deals directly with what many prophets are now saying about what God is doing in the time of this uprooting, upheaval and shaking during the Coronavirus!

The LORD GOD is still speaking.....
A Word to the church and to the nations.

He that has ears to hear...
As God used Jeremiah the prophet to

"to root out, and to pull down, and to destroy, and to throw down, to build, and to plant",

the same LORD GOD is so doing in this day in the world and in the church.
Go with His flow, "that which has been built by man in My house, I shall dismantle, that man shall not be exalted in his own glory, and I am raising up and using pure vessels that have been molded by My own hand says the LORD, that created the Heavens and even laid the foundations of the earth.

You shall see my hand moving in the nations of the earth also preparing for what I will do to purify the earth for My great day, says the LORD GOD.

For My day is coming, yes all shall see it, and those that I have chosen shall marvel now, but those who rebel now shall marvel later when they see their houses come to nought, and the nations that will not look to Me shall be shaken and some to pieces, says the LORD, the Maker, Who made all things, and shall also call to account all things.
Those who have ears to ear and eyes to see, that have not been blinded by power and greed, shall see and know what I am doing and shall have part in My reign and shall be rewarded from My own hand"

Mystery of the Oneness of The Father and the the church

Stand With Africa

Stand With Africa Update.......

Thomas Joseph with children in Tamzania

After returning from Musoma Tanzania, we are now excited to open up a great opportunity of continuing the love of Jesus there through sharing some resources with the orphans and widows which the Lord has granted to us.

Some of us have been blessed so greatly simply by being given so much opportunity in a land of blessing! Maybe some of you can take a little bit of what you've been blessed with the share with some orphans and widows in Tanzania. Jesus Will be touched and will bless you even more!

A father of the fatherless, and a judge of the widows, is God in his holy habitation.
Ps 68:5

It is easy to share right through this website through and “Donate” button and state that you're giving is going for a Stand With Africa. I know God will cause men to give back on to you!

Our 2019 trip to DR Congo, doors opened and Jesus glorified!

AMAZING things are happening in DRC Congo!

From 2017 to 2019, great thing have happened by the grace of the LORD that He has shown through His people!

LEFT is when we were just beginning and BELOW is June, 2019!

The CHARUMIL Elementary School is off to a great start with classes in all grades!  

Our elementary school, CHARUMIL, has completed it's first year opened! 

Check out the brief video above to see highlights of a presentation done with the students, grades Kindergarten through sixth grade.

2019 Visit to Churches in Congo

It was from joy to joy and glory to glory! As we ministered at different churches, Jesus was presented in the forefront every minute to be received and glorified!

FATHER'S HOUSE KINSHASA was also confirmed into a great start with Pastor Coco Kanga Henry being ordained and Francis as his Assistant!

Below, you can see some of the pictures of 

Father's House Kinshasa

The Father's House 

The Father's House is not only a local church in Chicago Illinois, but a ministry seeking to be in and stay in the Heartbeat of God the Father every step of the way! 

God's leading has brought The Father's House into a multi-media outreach through social media and this website that reaches many places throughout the world, which has also helped birth relationships with  impactful missions in several African nations. 

The main focus of The Father's House, through all it's activities is to inspire people to get to know God better, through you for accessing this site and may our Great God and Father release His awesome grace into your heart and mind as you browse!is Son Jesus! 


Sundays @ 11am

2819 W. 71st Street Chicago IL


The Church In Congo

Tom Lorek preaching on DR Congo

Jesus manifested Himself in Congo in so many ways, and He did so many things to  enable His people to move forward in seeing His will to be done, and His Kingdom to come in Congo, as it is in Heaven

 Ministry of the Spirit and the Word:

Jesus Christ released Words to Pastor Tom on many levels in Apostolic, Prophetic and Evangelistic ministry.

Saints in DR Congo

Jesus told Tom to "Tell the church in Congo that they will crush the serpent under their feet", after he encountered a huge serpent in the clouds as he was flying into Congo!

Jesus revealed to Tom to share that that serpent is the principality over Congo that has been hindering prosperity, but the church will crush him!

For more information about our expanding ministry in the Democratic Republic of CongoLink


A Special Revelation of Jesus in a Dream

The Humility of Jesus.

How Jesus is our example of humility, and how we are to be an example to all people.

Living in the law of humility.


Facebook Live!

If you cannot attend our services in 

person, you can tune in live on Facebook

 at "Thomas Joseph" every Sunday at 11am

When all is said and done, you can find Tom's and other's TEACHINGS on YouTube at "Tom Lorek", or click YouTube below!

Face to face experiences with JESUS

Jesus our Lord is still actively involved with His redeemed people. Through several face to face experiences with Jesus, my life has never been the same! 

After seeing the Lord Jesus and receiving the LOVE and GRACE from His amazing Presence, I realized that my understanding of the Bible became illuminated and that many, many deeper meanings of the scriptures became known and continue to become known to me as I continue to seek Him. To check my testimony of a few of these heavenly experience, click here: Link

From Tom; "It's my commission to BRING JESUS, SHOW JESUS and help sinners and saints to receive JESUS  into their hearts, souls and bodies! To start with JESUS and end with JESUS and to go every step of the way with JESUS"  


Jesus the Son of God has invited us to obtain Eternal Life.

Whoever believes in Him has this life now. 

If you want to have your sins forgiven and to receive Eternal Life, say to Jesus, right now, 

Lord Jesus, I believe in you, and how You died for me and that God, Your Father raised you from the dead.

Through You I believe a I am saved right now!"

If you received Jesus, feel free to write us through the contact form, so we can rejoice and answer any questions you might have about following Jesus


Tom and Mushiya Lorek


We are now allowing you to have the heavenly opportunity to give to the ministry of Jesus that He has given to me. We have a VISION from the Lord that He spoke to me when I was first called at age 17, through a man of God, Pastor Bill Blon, when he prophesied to me a message from the Lord, "You shall reach MILLIONS with the love that I have given you". So far I've reached thousands....but would you help me reach the millions? The more support that comes in, the more people I can reach with the Heavenly Gospel of The Lord Jesus Christ.

We want to hear from you! 

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Don't get stuck in old, dead boring religious traditions, when you can follow a real live GOD, and His Son Jesus Christ!