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Tom's First Vision of JESUS

The First Time I saw Jesus, age 16

This is when I was 16 years old, a few months after Jesus appeared to me! 

I was still in a rock band called Black Death. I was actually born again and delivered from drugs and alcohol at this time, but I didn't know what God thought about my band yet!

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The first time which I saw Jesus was when I was 16 years old, before I was saved. I was involved with psychic phenomena, ESP and drawn into the world of white witchcraft and fortune telling, etc. This was all happening while I was in a rock band called "Black Death' as a young teenager, and by the time I was 15, Satan began to captivate my time with his counterfeit supernatural gifts, which included all those things I just mentioned.

One day the lead singer in my band, who was one of my best friends, asked me if I can use my powers, really Satan's power, to get his hash pipe back after he lost it. It was his long time favorite hash pipe. I assuredly told him that I will get it back for him through using witchcraft. That night I went home and did some meditation chants and I was expecting that we would find that hash pipe. The next morning as I was coming downstairs from my bedroom...... low and behold his hash pipe was at the foot of my stairs! He was not in the house, and it was not there before I went to bed. Being amazed, I was thrust into a deeper dimension of those counterfeit evil powers.


The very next night, I believe, when I was sleeping, I began to hear footsteps with bells ringing, walking up my stairs to my bedroom. It woke me up and I looked at the door and then the noise stopped, so I went back to sleep. As soon as I went back to sleep, I heard the same footsteps and bells coming up my stairs again. When I sat up in my bed, Satan took my spirit right out of my body!

I heard a voice say to me in a monotone voice, "I am the unknown force (I studied that the unknown force was a universal supernatural force that works for all religions). Come go with me and I will show you some things....." after thinking about it for just a few seconds, I got fearful, and I said "no".

I remember then, I was able at will to go back into my body through my feet.

I attempted to lay back down in my bed and, in fear, try to go back to sleep, but suddenly the bells and the footsteps happened again! I sat up in my bed again, and Satan took me out of my body a second time. I resisted and went back into my body, and when I sat up on my bed, I saw Someone appear in my doorway of my bedroom, which leads to those stairs which I kept hearing the devil coming up on. But the One Who appeared in my doorway had His face beaming like the sun! His face was appearing like the sun. Just like a ball of glorious fire burning and beaming! He had a white garment that went down to the feet. I felt that I had been rescued. It was Jesus! And He stood right in the doorway, and His smoke and glory was all around HIM! How amazing for Jesus to step in when I did not even know Him! I was a good Catholic, going to church every Sunday and went to Catholic grammar school, but I did not know Jesus, although I always liked Jesus and always respected Him. But here He was in mighty glory, right in my own bedroom doorway! The glory and the light was so much from me, and I remember turning around and putting my face in my pillow and just saying, "Jesus, Jesus".

Still being in darkness, I did not known what to make of this. And one thing I can say is that within a few months time, Jesus Christ revealed himself to me as I began to read the Scriptures, actually all the red letters, and I became addicted to Jesus! I was amazed that I could actually I read His words in the bible! And so many words.....because there are four books which highlight a lot of His words in red letters, as well as the Book of Revelation too.


In my process of Jesus drawing me, I was in an occult bookstore one day, looking for more books to study about ESP, psychic phenomena etc. (Still not knowing any better). I remember even picking up the Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey and reading many hateful things; like people should lie, steal and do many other evil things, the exact opposite of God's laws. The Satanic Bible did not appeal to me in that moment. After all, Jesus Christ already shined His light into my mind. My budget was low so I remember seeing a small booklet that had the words on it, saying, ESP? Psychic Phenomena? Witchcraft? Sorcery? Fortune Telling? I bought it as I was thinking it was going to teach me more about this stuff.

When I got home and read it, or actually even on the bus as I was reading it, I saw that it was a man of God giving scriptures on how these things were an abomination to God. I kept reading and kept looking at those scriptures and in the end I knew I had to repent from all those counterfeit powers, and denounce it and renounce all of Satan's powers.

The book was saying how I needed to command out loud, all of those evil spirits behind esp and witchcraft and so forth, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ to come out of me, and I did so. After commanding these spirits to come out of me for two weeks straight, (because they would not leave at first), they finally did one day as I commanded them to go.  I heard them pop out of me! Glory to God in the highest and worthy is the Lamb that was slain for our sins!

Since that very moment, I have not had any powers of Satan operating in me and I even tested to see if those powers were still in me and I was so glad to know that they were all gone!

It wasn't long till I was filled with the Holy Spirit and begin to speak in tongues and prophesied and then received gifts of healing, discerning of spirits and the working of miracles, along with other gifts of the Holy Ghost. He is much more better, and as Nebuchadnezzar testified of Daniel and the other three Hebrew men that the powers and the wisdom that they had were 10 times greater than all of the magicians and wizards of Babylon!

In closing I want to urge anyone who has any dealings with the horoscope, psychic powers, ESP or any of those things which I  mentioned earlier that you must free yourself through faith in the Name of Jesus Christ, or ask someone to pray with you and then cast the demons out of you and then you can live free and receive the power of the Holy Spirit. In fact I command you right now to be free from any of Satan's influence, so you can live for Jesus Christ, and to experience Him in all His love and grace, and  I speak this over you in the name of Jesus Christ whose name is above every name, amen.