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Church in Chicago

 Father's House Church            


07/13/2020 Jesus spoke through Thomas a Word for the leaders in the church to repent of their manipulative ways instead of the ways of Jesus

07/13/2020 PROPHECY from He which was, and is, and is to come....

Its time for the church to strip away all fleshly works of manipulation, greed and lust for power!

From the outward " marketing" techniques to the deep inward motives, it's time to lay everything at precious and holy feet of Jesus Christ!

"Do you not see? Can you not perceive the times and seasons of My righteous judgments?
My hand is in the earth, and has been in My house for many seasons, and I've been pointing to the idols in My house, to be removed.... yes some have fallen, but there still remains some to be fallen and removed, lest those houses fall completely.

This is the time of My fire. This is the time for My purification to occur deep within My church, lest they become stubble at the appearance of My wrath and indignation that shall turn mountains into ashes and cities into ruin, says the Lord.

Those who hear My voice and repent and turn to Me will be restored and purified. Yes, My grace shall be upon those who humble themselves unto Me and turn from their wicked ways.

I will have mercy on all who call upon Me in truth, and I will forgive their sins, even those shepherds that have robbed My people and have made merchandise of them. Yes, those who turn to Me, Jesus Christ, will see My mercy and I will remove even the memory of their sin that they have done against Me and against My sheep.

But those who refuse My call, and those who refuse My way, and those who refuse this time of mercy will be forgotten and their sins will remain in front of their eyes forever.

Come to Me before it's too late. Yes I am speaking even to those who stand behind the pulpits of beauty, and are clothed in fine robes of their own design, and I say, come to Me bare.

Come to Me upon the alter that only I can see, and I will take you unto Me and will raise you up in My house by My holy hand!

For those who refuse, I will strip bare, so their cloaks will no longer blind My people, which have been used to hide their corruption and manipulation of My sheep.

I have spoken these things this day, and I will hasten My Words in these days to bring to pass My Father's will in the earth, says the Lord, Who is known in the Heavens, and will be known in the earth, as My day is coming soon

When the LORD gave this Word over facebook in August of 2019, I had no idea that He was speaking of the shaking that would come during the time of the Coronavirus! As I was posting a scripture to facebook, I felt strongly the Spirit of the LORD bringing a Word, so I wrote and published the following prophecy, and in April of 2020, the Lord told me to look up the Word I published back in August. I was surprised that it deals directly with what many prophets are now saying about what God is doing in the time of this uprooting, upheaval and shaking during the Coronavirus!

that has ears to hear...
As God used He Jeremiah the prophet to

"to root out, and to pull down, and to destroy, and to throw down, to build, and to plant",

the same LORD GOD is so doing in this day in the world and in the church.
Go with His flow, "that which has been built by man in My house, I shall dismantle, that man shall not be exalted in his own glory, and I am raising up and using pure vessels that have been molded by My own hand says the LORD, that created the Heavens and even laid the foundations of the earth.

You shall see my hand moving in the nations of the earth also preparing for what I will do to purify the earth for My great day, says the LORD GOD.

For My day is coming, yes all shall see it, and those that I have chosen shall marvel now, but those who rebel now shall marvel later when they see their houses come to nought, and the nations that will not look to Me shall be shaken and some to pieces, says the LORD, the Maker, Who made all things, and shall also call to account all things.
Those who have ears to ear and eyes to see, that have not been blinded by power and greed, shall see and know what I am doing and shall have part in My reign and shall be rewarded from My own hand"

The LORD spoke to me 02/27/2018

You will hear things you have not heard before in these days, yes, you will see things you have not seen before.

For in these days I The LORD will open up many things that have been hidden.

And I shall reveal many things that man has not known before of the things in Heaven.

For I am about to make My ways known on Earth as it is in Heaven,so My people will walk in My ways, and shall not turn to the right or to the left, but shall walk straight.

And I will provide for My people in these days such that they have not labored for, nor reaped, but it will be out of My hand, those things that I have kept in store for My own children.

Look not unto man, and look not even to your own strength, but look unto Me, for I shall prove Myself to My children so the world will know that I dwell among My people.

I am bringing My people closer to Me, so I can come closer to them. I am bringing revelation of My Kingdom in Heaven so I can establish My Kingdom in the earth.

For these are the days of preparation for the earth to receive My reign in the earth. You are as the rain upon seeds that will bring forth fruit in My Kingdom, in the days that I shall put down all rule and authority upon the earth that I created says The LORD.