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 Father's House Church            

Our Orphans and Children in Need in Tanzania

Now you can choose which precious orphans below to support monthly OR send general support for all

You choose, $10, $15, $20, $25, $50. Any amount can assist with:

- Daily needs, such as food, clothing and housing.

- School fees, supplies, uniforms and etc.

Select monthly option and see how your love will make a huge impact both now and in eternity!

Choose who you would like to help and submit their name(s) with your donation or support all with general giving!

He who has pity on the poor lends to the Lord, And He will pay back what he has given. 
Proverbs 19:17

Neema Okoth

Eight years old, in the second grade, a beautiful girl who lost her dad and her mom currently has HIV

Oindo Marselus

Four years old. Has only one parent, who has HIV

Phibi Marselus

Age 13, her father passed away and her mom has HIV

Rebecca David

13 years old, has only one parent, her mom who is is severely sick and has HIV. She trusts God to live


Susana Enoch

8 years old, has lost both parents, lives with her grandmother, who is very poor.

David Zachariah

7 years old, has one parent, who is suffering with cancer and a very hard life.

John Mahalia

Age 7, has no parents, but lives with his grandmother. They are facing poverty daily.

Joyce Augustine

Age 12, grade 5, lost her father. Lives with her mom in a hard life, but looking to God for daily life.

Furaha Augustine

9 years old,grade 4, lost her father who died. Live with mom in a poor life.

Angelina David

13 years old, Lost her father who died. Lives with her mom in a hard life

Edwin Peter

9 years old, grade 4, has one parent in a very poor situation.

Peter Aflred

Age 11, grade six, Father passed away, living with his mom, but they do not have means enough for daily life

Mecktilda Peso,

 Age 9, grade 4, father passed away, in a desperate situation with her mom.

Sabianus Alex Okumu

Age 17, orphan, in high school

Martha George

Only 4 years old with no parents. Lives with her grandma in a very poor condition.

Samwel Fanel

Age 5, has one parent, very poor

Latina Stanley

Age 10, lives with mom, after her dad died 

Very poor.

Consolata Daniel

No parents, lives with grandmother in poverty

Kezia Edward

17 years old, in secondary school. Lives in a very poor family

Gloria Baraka

9 years old, grade 2, no parents, lives with grandmother. No income.