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Mission In Tanzania

Mission In Tanzania

Update on the New Orphan Home!!! Glory to God!!

Thank you for all who help with this mission for the orphans that our Father loves!

FROM Pastor Daudi;

"So may God continue blessing your Vision for Children's and Widow's!  It's our life to Stand with Needs of Childrens and Widows for anything we can do for them"

Great Conference and Outreach 2018

The Word of God was vital in the ministry in Musoma Town, Tanzania. Many sessions and open-air outreaches were held to benefit the saints, pastors, bishops and the unsaved people through the ministry of the Word of God.

The Great Conference was part Ministry Sessions and Open Air Outreaches! 

Above is a taste of the Open Air services.

Below is a taste of the Ministry Training sessions.


Grace Charity Home 

Supporting the children from poor backgrounds so that they can receive food, clothes, health care and shelter 

To enable them in obtaining spiritual education as a part of preparing them to be the next generation of Christians.

To enable them  to get education for their future.

Pastor Daudi & Jane Daudi Nyamita

Recent mattresses purchased