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Church in Chicago

 Father's House Church            

From Chicago to Congo

Standing With Africa


CONGO 2022

Sent to the churches in Congo Kinshasa, here are some highlights of the ministry in 2022, as the Lord Jesus opened the doors.....

Outreach in Congo

Our New Elementary School, CHARUMIL, completes first year!

Two years ago We now moved the vocational school into the new school building with the elementary school!


Thanks unto The LORD for His grace in opening our new Elementary School in Kinshasa!

Congo's Story, Our Vision

Families are making the best out of very rough situations.

The Father's House Association has partnered with the Association for Reconstruction and Development in Kinshasa, DR Congo to help bring solutions for many through the Gospel of Jesus in Word and deed.

By bringing educational and training programs, we are seeing great results, but there is so much more to be done!

So far, in the last two years, ARD has trained over 1200 students, 400 of which already received diplomas that are fully recognized and accredited in DR Congo! 

Current Outreach Programs

Computer Training

Construction Training & Jobs 

Beauty and Hair Training & Jobs



Sewing Class

Agriculture and Farming 

HIV Prevention

In The Works

The Father's House Children's Refuge

Medical Clinic

New School Building

People are now able to learn trade skills and receive general education in Kinshasa even if they are not able to pay!

Beside trade skills and education, The Father's House Association in partnership with ARD (Association for Reconstruction and Development) is helping people to be responsible in family planning and other life planning skills.

Now ARD is eager to join with Jesus Christ to take this movement to the highest level possible!

Tom and Mushiya Lorek are eager to see new springs of Living Water spring up that will bring great newness of life in Jesus Christ in their hearts and lives! 

Tom and Mushiya in front of ARD in Congo DR

This Video Documentary in French is about some of the efforts ARD is making to further develop DR Congo.

The efforts The Father's House are to energize this movement with the Light and Glory of Jesus Christ and to help bring more support to see more souls reached with the Gospel Of Jesus. 

The Vision, The Story, The Success

Staff at ARD

Didier Tshisumpa (seated) founded this amazing organization in 2014, through his vision to see the Democratic Republic of Congo reconstructed, revitalized and redeveloped since the brutal and devastating war in the 1990's.

Through ARD many are finding means of support for themselves and their families!

 Browse through this page and see some of the highlights of what is going on in The Democratic                    Republic of Congo!

                 Much has been done, and there is much more to come!


Decoration Production Training and Business

ARD and The Father's House Decoration Class in Congo DR
ARD and The Father's House graduates in Congo DR

Classroom Education

ARD and The Father's House Class in Congo DR

Farming and Agriculture 


Building and Construction

Construction of new school at ARD in Congo

Computer Training


Hair and Beauty Training

So far, in the last two years, ARD has trained over 1200 students, 400 of which already received diplomas that are fully recognized and accredited in DR Congo! 

We invite you to help us reach many more of the "least of these", though;

- Giving

- Prayer

- Participation

ARD logo
Didier Tshisumpa, President of ARD

Didier Tshisumpa is the Founder and President of ARD.
Tom and Mushiya Lorek of  ARD and The Father's House

Tom and Mushiya Lorek

Directors of The Father's House Association

ARD and The Father's House HIV prevention in DR Congo

Promoting community awareness of HIV Prevention and smart Family Planning

You may be able to help us establish a Medical Clinic which is in great need in DRC Congo.

Multi Purpose School

Laying the ground work for a new school for children! Many do not receive proper education because 

of costs

Opportunity to Help bring Jesus to DRC Congo

From Pastor Tom Lorek

Dear friends and supporters of The Father's House Church,

We have such a great opportunity right now to impact the people associated with ARD and beyond, in the great country of The Democratic Republic of Congo!

This vision is a long term work that we know will have Eternal results in Heaven unto the pleasure of our Heavenly Father, the Father of the Lord Jesus!

If you wish to come with us physically to Kinshasa Congo in the future in one of our upcoming trips, and if you have means of support please contact us via the Contact Form below!

If you yourself, or if you know anyone who may be able to assist financially, please contact us also, either though the convenient Donate Button and/or the Contact Form.

Financial Statements are readily available for the recent Budget of ARD. 

As you can imagine, the opportunities are endless, and so are the opportunities to help!

Thank you for thinking of the precious souls of the people of DRC Congo!

Thank you for contacting The Father's House! We will get back to you as soon as possible
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Please pray,
and PRAY
to The Father for this outreach to the amazing people of Africa!!