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2017 Prophecy to Congo


 I was on an airplane heading for the Democratic Republic of the Congo in July of 2017 for the first time. I knew very little about this nation, but my wife was born there, so we have had some connections not only with her family but for opportunities to minister the Gospel of Jesus.

The Visions

 As we were traveling over Africa on the way to the Congo, I fell into a slight sleep and suddenly I was in a vision seeing a huge serpent rise up and face me! The serpent was bigger than the airplane. He had the appearance of the kind of serpent that has the flat face, but huge. 

 I awoke from the vision and told my wife. All I can think of at the time was to come against it in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

 This happened the second time, where I again was caught up in a vision and saw that serpent as we were flying into Congo.

 Soon we arrived in the Congo. After meeting my wife's family, there was a scheduled three day meeting where I was to preach in a church in Kinshasa, The Assembly of the Saints.

The Visitation From Jesus Christ 

On the second day, as I was sitting in the stage area, as the worship team was singing and praying, I felt the very Presence of the Lord Jesus Christ standing in back of me.

 Jesus Christ begin to speak to me in a very clear voice. He told me that the serpent that I saw was a principality of darkness over Congo. He told me that it was this serpent that has been keeping Congo in extreme poverty and hindering prosperity and blessings from the people of Congo.

 The Lord Jesus continued to explain to me that forty percent of the serpent's power has already been diminished. He said the forty percent represented power of the church in Congo that they already took back from that serpent. 

 Jesus said that sixty percent of power was given to the serpent from the government in Congo and the unsaved people.

 He told me, "but tell the church in Congo that they will trample the serpent under their feet!"

He then said something very interesting. He said, "As Donald Trump is being used to bring prosperity back to the USA, so shall there be a change in Congo!"

He said that many things as well as the streets and cities will even be renewed! 

I myself did not know at the time anything about the state of affairs with the government of DRC (Congo), but anyone that saw in person would be able to see the extreme neglect and poverty throughout Kinshasa, the capital city. 

Most streets were in terrible shape with huge craters and debris everywhere. Stagnant sewer water wreaking in a blocked up drainage system throughout the city. 

Thousands of people attempting to survive by selling anything they can sell on the sides and in the streets almost everywhere you go. Electricity was scarce and so was hope! 

I began to learn that there was a president in place who was supposed to be gone eight years prior, according to their constitution. It allows a five year term that can be renewed only once, but he kept overstaying his term, year after year. So you can see that this wasn't a good situation. 

Prophecy From Jesus Being Fulfilled

Within a few months after returning back to the USA, my wife and I began to see some very interesting things in the news about Congo. 

The church in Congo began to call for justice and stability for Congo. The Church began to lead protests and the movement grew very big. 

My wife and I were thinking, Wow! This sounds like what Jesus was talking about when He said that "The Church in Congo would trample the serpent under their feet."

We watched closely what was happening. No experts I heard thought that a change could really take place in Congo.

We kept a close eye on what was happening there and realized fully that this is truly what Jesus was saying what would happen. 

We realized because Jesus said that sixty percent of the serpent's power was coming from the "government" and the unsaved people, that this movement of the church against the government was going to help bring victory over the serpent and loose prosperity and blessing upon the people of Congo! 

New Presidents

In October of  2017, Donald Trump even came into play! Nikki Haley, the ambassador to the UN, under President Trump met with Joseph Kamila, the president of Congo and warned him of losing international support if he did make an election happen.

In the summer of 2018 Nikki Haley began to speak out again against the "extremely corrupt government" of Congo, and warned that the United States will not continue to support billions of dollars going to the Congo with that corruption in place. 

The next week, she was meeting with the president of the elections board in Congo to tell him face to face. She declared again, 

“If the elections are not organized in 2018, the DRC cannot count on the international community. It is important that the elections be held in 2018.”

The next week, the official statement from the government of Congo was that the election would take place in December of that year! 

Many doubted that it would happen, but my wife and I were confident in the Lord Jesus that as He said the change is coming, that the election would happen! 

The election happened and not without controversy and struggle, but the outcome was and is very exciting and even to the glory of God! 

Félix Tshisekedi is now the President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and not only is he a leader that desires to see the well being of the people in Congo, but he is a leader after God's heart, and is a born again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ!


One of the main things I mentioned as I related this prophetic explanation from the Lord Jesus was that "In the Untied States we have a new president, Donald Trump, and that Jesus told me that as Trump would be used to help bring prosperity back to the USA, so will there be a change in Congo".

The explanation was given very precisely that in the United States there is a new president, and that proved to be the main factor in the Congo! The change which the people in Congo began to demand was centered around the presidential election. 

Even as the new president, Felix Tshisekedi won the election, there are fierce accusations against him as there were against President Trump!

And just as President Trump has been able to implement tremendous change to the USA in the face of fierce opposition, so has President Felix Tshisekedi been able to bring swift beginnings of great change, even like in the USA, exposing deep corruption in many areas of the government!

Real Change

My wife and I went back to Congo in 2019 and we saw the beginning of the renewing of the streets and city with our own eyes! 

Not only newly paved 

streets, but modern traffic lights, where there were none before! 

We saw old buildings being torn down and new ones being built! 

We saw cleaning of the streets and an influx of modern taxis. We even saw brand new fast food restaurants selling fried chicken, pizza and hamburgers! 

To see all this in a country that has been so neglected and has been stuck far into the third world status was truly amazing, but this is the Word of the Lord Jeus Christ at work! 

To God be all the glory for what He is doing through His Son Jesus Christ!